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Teräselementti Oy is a proudly family owned company specialized in steel constructions. The firm was founded in 1964 and the long experience gives us high expertise on steel buildings and a good understanding of our client’s needs.

Our offering comprises of the design, manufacturing and installation of steel halls, steel structures and facade and glass structures as well as the construction of storage, manufacturing and business premises.

Teräselementti’s strengths lie in excellent knowledge of materials and techniques as well as fast and flexible manufacturing. We develop our own products with solid expertise and know-how acquired over the years. Our manufacturing plant produces high-quality products that are utilized in various projects and as material deliveries. We implement projects either as product part trades or according to plans provided by our customers.

We are continuously developing our products and processes, utilizing the latest cutting-edge technology and data models. For example, we have the largest pipe laser in Scandinavia, which guarantees excellent quality and efficiency, as well as accuracy in cutting beams and profiles. In addition, we have a bending machine for large pipes that allows the execution of projects that cannot be completed using traditional techniques.

Teräselementti offers its expertise to customers in Scandinavia

Teräselementti also offers its expertise outside Finland. We have delivered dozens of projects to Russia and Iceland, Norway and Sweden both installed and as part deliveries.
We utilize high-quality products manufactured at our own plant. The assembly is carried out by reliable local partners.

Introduce yourself to our portfolio of projects we have delivered in Finland and abroad.

We operate in reliable, sustainable and responsible way

High quality, transparency and responsibility are the foundations, which have always guided our operations.

We are a company with a ‘Strongest in Finland’ certificate. The certificate is a sign of our company’s excellent financial figures, positive background information and good payment behaviour. Eligible for the certificate are companies with one of the two highest credit ratings in Suomen Asiakastieto’s Rating Alfa system. This includes approximately 10 % of Finnish companies.

Our quality control system and occupational health and safety management system have received official ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 9001:2015 certificates from the world’s leading certification company Bureau Veritas Certification. As part of the management system, we also follow an environmental system compliant ISO 14001, which aims to protect the environment by preventing and reducing harmful environmental impacts of our operations.

In addition, our welded steel structures are CE-marked according to EN ISO 1090 in implementation classes EXC1, EXC2, EXC3 and EXC4.

Rinki trademark indicates that a company has taken care of its producer responsibility for packaging.



We have gathered here a few news clips of our current operations. You can find more news from our website in Finnish.

Teräselementti invests in the largest metal rolling machine in the Nordics

The biggest metal rolling machine in the Nordics, Faccin RCMI360, can now be found at Teräselementti’s factory in Lempäälä. Via the CNC controlled machine even heavy steel profiles, up to 600 millimetres can be bended in an efficient, controlled and easy way.

According to Teräselementti’s Chairman of the Board, Jarmo Viitala, the new metal rolling machine enables a new kind of precision even to the most challenging arching forms. Especially to architects, the machine offers remarkably more options and freedom for planning.

”Now we can answer to the wishes of our customers even better and with vaster scale. In addition, we can offer a more comprehensive total supply under the same roof. Our objective is to be at the forefront of technical development also in the future. With the newly acquired Faccin metal rolling machine, we strengthen our high-technology know-how and complement it the same way as does the largest pipe laser machine in Finland, which we also have a strong knowledge”, says Viitala.

Teräselementti’s know-how of pipe laser cutting can be seen in Oilon’s projects around the world

Oilon Oy is a Finnish family-owned company, which operates in the energy and environment technology sector and delivers its products all over the world. The company needs laser-tube cuttings for components used in power plants and process burners. Before, Oilon manufactured the laser-tube cuttings itself, but now it buys the cuttings from Teräselementti and saves tens of hours of processing time. Teräselementti operates with the largest pipe laser in Finland and has vast know-how of the high-technology manufacturing method.

For Oilon’s own planning and production, it’s of utmost importance that deliveries are made precisely in schedule. “It is a great advantage that delivery time of Teräselementti is accurate. It makes also our own work easier, as we can organise our own production in sync with them”, says Oilon’s Production Engineer Marko Helatie.

Teräselementti delivers facades to Finnish metro stations Finnoo and Soukka

Länsimetro Oy is building 21 kilometres of metro tracks between Ruoholahti and Kivenlahti, which consists of a total of 13 new metro stations. Teräselementti delivers thousands of square meters of facades as a total delivery to Finnoo and Soukka metro stations between 2020–2021. Teräselementti has vast experience in the implementation of special facades to metro stations. We have delivered facades previously to for example Matinkylä and Keilaniemi stations

2500 m2 metal facades to Soukka metro station  

Soukka metro station has taken its influences from the 1960’s modernistic buildings surrounding the station. Two of the entrances have sharp lines, which demands extreme precision from the facade constructor. Teräselementti delivers 2 500 m2 metal facades, implemented by Teräselementti’s own facade products Composer K and Composer M. Soukka metro station has been designed by ALA-Arkkitehdit Oy and the work has been ordered by consortium YIT-ARE RU23.

7 000 m2 facades to Finnoo metro station

Teräselementti delivers 7 000 m2 ranked walls with facades and glass walls to Finnoo metro station. Finnoo is situated by the seashore, and the surrounding nature has been taken into consideration in the architecture as well as the art designed inside the station. For example, in the glass surfaces of the facades will be printed graphic forms resembling the vegetation of the shore. Finnoo metro station has been designed by PES-Arkkitehdit Oy and the work has been ordered by TYL LM Finnoo.

Illustration of Soukka station by ALA-Arkkitehdit Oy
Illustration of Finnoo station by PES-Arkkitehdit Oy


Over the decades, we have implemented hundreds of projects of different scopes.


Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Convention Centre is the largest fair and congress centre in Finland. It gathers over one million visitors annually at various fairs, congresses, conferences and other events.

For the Expo and Convention Centre Teräselementti delivered and installed steel structures for the frame and facades and glass facade. Teräselementti’s own facade product, the Composer M sheet, was used as the cladding sheet.

We also delivered main girders of Exhibition Hall 7, 78-meter long space trusses. Trusses were assembled of pre-manufactured parts at the site of installation and lifted in place in one piece. The weight of one truss ranged between 60 and 80 tons. The overall amount of steel used in the project was 1 650 tons.


Ideapark, located in Lempäälä Finland, is one of the largest shopping malls in Scandinavia. The 115 000 m2 mall was constructed in 2005–2006. Its extension, Ideapark Autoareena finished in 2019 and consists of a 15 000 m2 area for various car dealerships.

Teräselementti supplied and installed the steel framework and facades for the mall. Duetto 30A and Composer M facade cladding sheets were used in the project.

For the Autoareena expansion, Teräselementti supplied the steel frame and facade and roof structures. We were also responsible for the design, manufacturing and installation of the site’s shell and steel structures.


Sanomatalo is a 12-story business and office building in downtown Helsinki, Finland. One of the businesses operating in the building is the media group Sanoma Media Finland, which publishes Helsingin Sanomat, the newspaper with the largest circulation in Scandinavia.

For Sanomatalo, Teräselementti supplied double-glazed facades and installed glass dividing walls for a total of 1 300 m2 of glass walls. Our own facade product, Composer M sheet, was used as the facade cladding sheet.

Projects we have implemented in Finland and abroad

Introduce yourself to our portfolio of projects we have implemented in Finland and abroad.

Press release of Teräselementti:

Teräselementti Oy to start exporting to the Nordic countries – Steel and facade expertise first delivered to Sweden and Norway


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